Taking EU campaigns to the next level

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By Seamus Conboy
October 9, 2016

This time last year, we had just opened up our new Red Flag office in Brussels. We knew we were coming to Brussels with a very different attitude and a very different approach. From Day 1 we knew there was a big gap in the market – a gap we were ideally positioned to fill.

The way decisions are made is changing rapidly. The way politicians are influenced, and the way they reach their positions, is changing too, as is the way the public understand and engage with the political and policy-making process.

Traditional lobbying – ‘access’ – is not dead. But it’s clear that lobbying alone just won’t cut it any more. If you want to win, you need to be more creative, more dynamic.

Red Flag is not a traditional lobbying shop or a PR agency. We’re problem-solvers. We’re campaigners.

Our international team brings together expertise in media, in politics, in business, in digital and social media and in grassroots campaigning. We apply our skills and expertise to campaigns on behalf of our clients, to tackling business-critical issues and to delivering results.

In the past year we’ve grown our team, we’ve grown our client book, and we’ve done some really good, interesting work.

Now, heading into our second full year in Brussels, we’re working on some of the biggest campaigns in Europe and growing our team again.

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