We SOLVE business critical problems

We anticipate, strategise, campaign and deliver results.


By the time a regulatory proposal has been formalised by a politician or agency, much of the language is often set and difficult to change. At Red Flag, we identify threats before they materialise, helping our clients to pre-empt issues and get off on the right foot in their engagement with policymakers.


We have built a team of former journalists, political staffers and campaigners who know how to get things done. In a world where access to policymakers is ever-more limited, political and regulatory campaigns must be broader and more creative. A winning campaign delivers results for clients and policymakers alike.


At Red Flag, we pride ourselves on providing actionable intelligence and useful counsel to our clients’ senior leadership. We understand our opponents’ playbooks and know how to neutralise their campaigns – turning negative attention into positive publicity.


Red Flag has worked with some of the USA’s leading trade associations on campaigns that were business-critical for many of their members. We advised them on domestic as well as international strategy, crucially acting as their eyes and ears in Europe during periods of intense regulatory activity.


Policymakers are inundated with competing studies, many of which end up gathering dust in bureaucrats’ drawers. The exceptions are those studies that are robust, relevant and readable. Many of our staff have worked in politicians’ offices so we know what they are looking for. Red Flag’s network of experts means that we can deliver this research to a high standard and on a tight deadline.


Single-issue interest groups and activist networks have developed extremely effective ways of mobilising people en masse, but their approach is often “wide and shallow”. Red Flag has extensive experience in mobilising citizens with a real stake in a debate, and helping them to make their voices heard. We have run multi-jurisdictional grassroots campaigns across the US and EU that have mobilised tens of thousands of individuals.


Politicians and business leaders alike are obsessed with the news cycle. Framing stories in the right way, and pitching them to the right journalists, can be hugely advantageous. At Red Flag, we have excellent relationships with the national and international media outlets that shape the decision-making environment, and leverage these daily on behalf of our clients.


We developed SemaFORE, an online campaigning and engagement toolkit, to ensure that we can monitor, evaluate and report on emerging issues and evolving sentiment related to our clients’ brands, businesses and interests. We campaign by targeting influencers and online communities who can actually affect your narrative, and by driving activity through a select set of powerful channels.