We SOLVE business critical problems

We anticipate, strategise, campaign and deliver results.


Red Flag specialises in leveraging media to support political engagement. Our strong relationships with top-tier international media – the media that shapes the decision-making environment – are developed and deployed daily on behalf of our clients.


We advise clients on how to act in the political and regulatory arena and how to protect and promote their reputation. This counsel may range from the development of long-term strategy and company position, to immediate action in relation to crises and critical issues.


We have extensive experience in engaging with politicians, governments and senior civil servants. Our relationships, and our understanding of what motivates politicians and those around them, are gained from years of working as advisors or holding public office.


Red Flag was founded to help clients identify, assess, and address risk. At the heart of our offering is our ability to recognise threats on the horizon, evaluate the likelihood of different scenarios, and plan accordingly to deliver successful outcomes.