SemaFORE is your eyes, ears and voice in the rapidly moving digital world.


SemaFORE is designed to ensure that you receive real-time updates on what influencers are saying about your business. You can’t campaign without knowing how the public and decision makers are reacting. You can’t influence those you need to without being online. SemaFORE is your eyes, ears and voice in the rapidly moving digital world. 


The SemaFORE team has experience in running worldwide campaigns for Red Flag’s multinational clients. SemaFORE identifies communities and influencers who are important to you. This ensures that SemaFORE can update you in real-time to the most influential social conversations.


SemaFORE creates intelligence reports outlining key metrics and gives you a specific insight into what influencers, decision makers and journalists are saying about your brand or issue. The SemaFORE toolkit we have developed sifts through thousands of daily posts and data points to find the people you need to track and influence. 


SemaFORE actions influencers for either online or for offline engagement by Red Flag. SemaFORE understands how and where politicians and regulators look online when making decisions, and has a unique understanding of how the online conversation can affect your business.